Presents Railwayana and Ephemera for your consideration.

We are a group of collectors who hope to improve our collections and those of our customers by trading in Railway Ephemera. Currently the site is out of date. All hardware is now sold. Updates coming soon!

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East Anglia Holidays Handbill

Our hobby probably stems from Collectors Corner which for a time was situated in a Warehouse alongside Euston Station in London. Later it moved to York. Belatedly British Railways realised that there was a market for their redundant materials and much of it was funneled through here. The prices gained today for railwayana items can be immense so the collecting of ephemra has grown in popularity as the more exotic rise in price.

So we of more humble means have to resort to the less esoteric, but infinitely more interesting paperwork. Amongst our items for sale or exchange we hope you find something to tickle your fancy. If you don't then tells as we take a great pride in finding that difficult to find something.

Our stock of Handbills and Share Certificates is considerably more varied than is actually shown on this site, so any specific requirements should be emailed to us so that we can try to fulfill any requirements. All items are sold as genuine as far as we can ascertain, and they are shown on subsequent pages graphically. In some cases the colours of the handbills have been unintentionally modified by the imaging process. Should any purchase fail to please, return it to us and we will arrange a full refund. 

collector corner

Totems have become highly sought after and their prices at auction reflect this.........

Terms of business downloadable here