United States handbills

These handbills, currently few in number, all originate from the USA

at the bottom of this page is a list of available International Share Certificates.

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Notice relating to extra trains between Boston and South Framingham dated Tuesday September 1st. 1874

 Price £12 inc. Postage and Packing.

Notice relating to the running of a Directors' train on Tuesday, November 10th, 1874 from Boston to East Boston, and from East Boston to Worcester via Milford Branch. 

 Price £12 inc. Postage and Packing

Notice relating to bridge repairs and single line running until further notice, at "Full Basin on the Back Bay, in Boston. Dated August 16th 1869".   

Price £12 inc. Postage and Packing.

New-York & Harlem Rail Road Company

This receipt dated April 16th 1849. For the sum of 25$, "for the privilige of carting earth over my fields and for all damage done there by, in the grading of section No. 17. Available for any acceptable offer, either ephemera or cash.
















Here are some International Share Certificates

  Please contact us for prices and full discription of any individual item.

  1. The Venezuela Central Railway Company, Limited. Prior Lien Debenture no. 813 of £100 plus interest. Dated 19th July 1927
  2. The Piraeus-Athens and Peloponnesus Railways. Ten shares each of one hundred Drachmas. Dated 14th July 1906.
  3. The Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Company Limited. Share warrant to bearer for One Ordinary Share. Dated 23rd December 1930.
  4. Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway. Extension Agreement relating to First Mortgage five Per Cent Gold Bond. Face value $1000. Dated 1st August 1949.
  5. Societe des Tramways du Tonkin. This French language share certificate has a face value of 100 Francs. This is over stamped Societe des Tramways du Tonkin de la Region de Hanoi.
  6. Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway Company, fifty year first mortgage 4 per cent Gold Bonds. A certificate of deposit of the bond with the Bond holders committee. Dated 17th April 1912.
  7. The Interoceanic Railway of Mexico (Acapulco to Vera Cruz) Limited. Four per cent debenture stock. Deferred  interest warrant for £10. Dated 13th March 1915.
  8. A deposit receipt for $500 General Consolidated First Mortgage 50 year 5 per cent Gold bond. Dated 24th February 1916.
  9. The Colombian National Railroad Company Limited. First Mortgage debenture for £100. Dated 9th March 1903.
  10. The Colombian National Railroad Company Limited. First Mortgage debenture for £10. Dated 12th May 1910.
  11. Manos Improvements Limited. A numbered debenture for twenty pounds plus interest of at least six per cent. Dated 24th November 1909.
  12. One Share to Bearer of 250 Francs or £10 for the Thessalian Railways Dated 27th May 1886.
  13. The Imperial Government of Russia-The Nicolas Railroad ( St Petersburg to Moscow) Certificate of five bonds equating to 625 roubles, 2500 French francs, 100£, and 1180 Florins (Dutch). Dated 18th July 1867.
  14. The Imperial Government of Russia. Russian consolidated four per cent railroad Bonds, Series 1. Certificate for ten Bonds valued at 1250 Roubles, 5000 Francs, 4040 Marks , £197 15s 0d, 2390 florins, and $962.5 . Dated 4th March 1889.
  15. A Receipt from the New York and Harlem Rail Road Extension Company. Dated Goton Fall April 16th 1849 for $25. The narrative in clear longhand states," For the privilege of carting earth over my fields and for all the damage done thereby, in the grading of section No17"